Perhaps it seems too early to think about the snow already while some plan how to escape the cold, skiers and snowboarders look forward to the new season. If you were thinking of escaping from winter, perhaps this year you will find a reason to enjoy it: its festivals. In addition to skiing and snowboarding, you can find other great sources of fun such as snow and ice sculptures, dog sleds, concerts, or frozen mazes.


snow festival in Austria

In Mayrhofen, Austria, 1-6 April 2013 An event “mythical, musical and without equal.” To attend this event you have to book the full package. You have to complete the reservation of your stay through Snowbombing and thus all events (music, contests, etc.) are included at no cost! Go ahead and look for special offers like “local passes,” or “Snowbombing Road Trip.”

Billabong Air & Style

Austria Jan 31 – Feb 2, 2013, Air & Style, sponsored by Billabong, started as an alternative contest in Innsbruck. With the participation of some of the best snowboarders in the world, it became one of the most influential current events in the sector. This year 24 incredible athletes will compete for a prize of $  100,000.

Alaska Ice Festival

In Fairbanks, Alaska Feb 26 – Mar 24, 2013, More than 70 teams from around the world attend this month-long event to compete in the BP World Ice Art “ice art” championships. More than 100 artists and 50,000 visitors come to Alaska for this competition.

International Snow Sculpture Championships

Breckenridge, Colorado Jan 13 – Feb 2, 2013, Make sure to stay warm for this event – Breckenridge is one of the snowiest places in the United States, the perfect place for this championship! ! Breckenridge offers free public transportation during this celebration, so getting around is easy and comfortable. If you are there while the pieces are sculpted – until January 26 – you can participate in the vote for the best sculpture. Don’t miss the spectacular Ice Village.

International Snow, Ice, and Fire Festival

In Perm, Russia Feb 2013 This huge festival of snow, ice, and fire is a favorite of Russian tourism for the last 20 years. Artists from France, Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, and the US participate in this competition, contributing to good international relations between these countries.

International Snow and Ice Sculpture Festival

In Harbin, China Jan 5 – Feb end, 2013. Harbin’s ice cream art is incredible, and not just because of its size. For some it is the best winter festival, despite having to experience it at -30ºC! It is advisable to book a package that combines a festival tour with visits to saunas and bathhouses. If you are brave – fearless – you can try winter swimming, as the locals do, do you dare?

Snow Festival

Japan Feb 5-11, 2013 About 2 million people come to Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan for this festival. For 7 days, hundreds of beautiful statues of snow and ice fill Odori Park and the main street of the Susukino neighborhood.

Quebec Winter Carnival

Canada Feb 1-17, 2013 This Winter Carnival fills the atmosphere of the heart of old Quebec City with festive cheer. The pass that gives you access to 17 days of celebrations and more than 300 activities and shows costs only C $ 12, it is called “The Bonhomme Effigy”. The most popular events are the sleigh races, the Dégelée festival, and the Snow Rafting Herrera.

Opening Party

In Ischgl, Austria Nov 2012 You cannot miss Ischgl if you are in Austria this summer, the opening day is a perfect occasion to go to the mountains. The season begins with energetic skiers and snowboarders wanting to enjoy music, parties, and of course, the slopes!

Belalp Hexe

Valais, in Switzerland Jan 12-19, 2013 The origin of this festival dates back to an ancient witchcraft tale, that is why hundreds of skiers join the party disguised as witches and witches and thus see the race of Witches’ Descent. Even with disguises, the level of difficulty of this race is very, very serious. It is a descent of 1,800 meters in 12 kilometers on difficult terrain. Later, after the last 2 days, the well-known Bruges Nights are celebrated, and they are one of the largest après ski parties in Europe.

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