The chilly winters bring with them a new set of skincare problems for both, men and women. Traditionally, women have been encouraged to care for their skin; change their skincare regimen as per the temperatures outside. However, in the past couple of decades, the winds have changed, with men becoming more conscious of their skin. Listed below are a few tips on how to care for your skin and hair this winter:

  • Moisturize

This is the first advice anyone will give for winter skincare. The winter air can make your skin dry and peel. Another winter problem is cracked up the skin. Invest in some moisturizing cream or lotion, depending on your skin type. Make sure you moisturize your skin twice a day to keep your skin looking refreshed and not worn out. You can grab a branded moisturizer using coupons for a lesser amount.

  • Shave

For those who like to keep it clean, ensure that you indulge in a little more post-shave care time. It is better to shave immediately after stepping out of a warm shower as it opens up the pores and makes the hair softer and easier to shave off. Massage the shaving gel gently into the hair for a smoother shave. Post shaving; apply a cooling balm to prevent any redness or rashness from forming which can be a common problem with dry, winter skin.

  • Keep those beards looking good!

If you prefer to keep your mustache, beard, or goatee on, then these tips might help to keep it shiny this winter. Invest in a beard shampoo to help clean the beard hair and keep it healthy. Another good idea is to use beard oil to keep the beard dandruff in check as well as moisturize the hair and skin below it. Oh, yes, in case you’re wondering, beard shampoo, beard dandruff, and beard oil are ACTUAL things!

  • Keep those hands healthy

Your hands are one of the most exposed parts of your body; that’s why it is important to keep them from catching the winter chill. Apply some hand cream to prevent any calluses or dry skin. If you can and prefer, wear a pair of gloves, especially if you walk to work or outside most of the time.

  • Prevent chapped lips

Get a lip balm to prevent any dry, cracked, or chapped lips. Preferably get a balm with SPF so that they are protected from the winter sun too. Need another incentive to apply lip balm? Well, they come in various fragrances, so your nose will feel pleasant this winter too!

  • Smell right with the right deodorant

Opt for milder deodorants as they are less likely to cause any itching. Deodorants that are hypoallergenic are available if you prefer to. Some of them even have a moisturizing component to keep the underarms from any irritation.

Not that difficult to take care of your skin, right? Now that you know how to do so, get yourself the ingredients to a healthy winter skin right away!