The snow goose festival is an annual event that takes place in Berthoud, Colorado. It attracts thousands of visitors every year (mostly Americans). The festival is usually held during the last full weekend of September. Visitors visit geese migratory patterns and enjoy experiences like sledding, paragliding, mountain biking or hiking, among others.

What is the snow goose festival?

The snow goose festival started in 1969 when Berthoud was struggling to save its water supply. City council members at the time decided that they needed an event that would attract people from other parts of Colorado, so they made up a fake holiday about geese migrating south for winter, further drawing residents of other states to the snowy town. Although the festival is fake, it has become a real attraction, with geese making appearances every year.

The snow goose festival also includes live entertainment. The first musical act was the rock group called “Bare Naked Ladies.” At present, visitors can expect to see local bands giving concerts, magicians and other entertainers. Besides activities related to the main theme, the festival also offers a variety of food and cooking contests.

The attraction of the snow goose festival

The snow goose festival is a great outdoor destination. Although activities vary from year to year, the event always includes parades, sledding and games, among other things. The festival also offers contributions from local businesses, drawings for prizes and contests with high cash awards.

Parties during the snow goose festival

Festivals like these usually go hand in hand with partying. There are many bars in the town where visitors can drink and dance or listen to live music. Some places are reserved for locals, but there are also public bars that welcome everyone without age restrictions.

During the snow goose festival, bartenders can easily make more than $1000 in tips alone. For this reason, many bars hire additional staff, especially during the time of the festival. The busiest nights are usually on Fridays and Saturdays, but events are also happening all week long.

Geese migration myth

The people from Berthoud take pride in their tradition, as reflected by city council members that still uphold the false holiday to encourage visitors. There is a statue of a snow goose placed in a town park to commemorate the tale.

The story goes that every spring, the snow geese fly south for winter and in the fall they come back northward to Berthoud, where they are treated with much love from residents. This festival is carried on by the descendants of the founders of the city.

Even though the story is not true, it has become a part of American folklore. You can even find some places that share this myth as they believe in the power of storytelling and hospitality.

More information about snow goose festival

A snow goose festival is a one-of-a-kind event with an interesting history behind it. It has managed to turn a fake holiday into a real attraction that everyone looks forward to every year. The festival includes nature-oriented activities, multiple parades and musical concerts, among other things.

The snow goose festival takes place in September during the last full weekend of the month in Berthoud, Colorado. It is a great outdoor destination for people from all over the world.