Winter is a fascinating season for many reasons: the holidays, the weather, the holidays, and gifts. For this reason, around the world, countless parties and festivals of all kinds are celebrated, ranging from concerts to carnivals, passing through urban events and sports competitions. Here we tell you five winter festivals that you have to know. On this map, we mark the location of the winter festivals in this article.

Best Winter Festivals Around the World

Ice sculpture festival

Harbin, in northeast China, is famous for its freezing winters, ranging from -13º to -25º. Here, from January to February of each year, the Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival takes place.

Its main attraction is its monumental ice and snow sculptures illuminated by colored lights. They are exhibited in four thematic areas: Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Harbin Ice and Snow World, Harbin Wanda Ice Lantern World, and Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Fair.

They can be up to 40 meters tall and come in endless forms, from Chinese fishermen to lanterns to Buddhas. Most of the sculptures are made with gigantic blocks of ice obtained from the Songhua River, which becomes a huge playground during this season.

The festival offers many other attractions, such as snow sports, competitions, screenings, art exhibits, light shows and much more. Enter here to learn more about the Ice Sculpture Festival Harbin, one of the world’s most beautiful winter festivals.

Sapporo Snow Festival

The Sapporo Snow Festival, or Sapporo Snow Festival, is one of Japan’s largest winter festivals, attracting around 2 million visitors annually. It takes place in Sapporo, on the island of Hokkaido, between January and February.

The event takes place in three different areas of the city: Odori, Tsudome, and Susukino. In Odori and Tsudome, you can admire the works of the famous snow and ice sculpture festival. Some of the pieces measure up to 15 meters high by 25 meters long and are illuminated at night.

Tsudome Site, on the other hand, is located on the outskirts of the city. It focuses on the fun in the snow. There you will find several attractions such as slides, an area for snow rafting, a zip line, children’s sleds, and much more. More information about the event in this link

Winter lights festival

In early February, Reykjavik, Iceland, fills with color with the celebration of the Winter Lights Festival, or Winter Festival of Lights, which celebrates both the frozen world and the arrival of light after a long period of darkness.

The festival program is a mix of events from different disciplines, such as art, industry, environment, sports, and culture, and take advantage of the great attractions of the Nordic city.

For example, one of its most popular events is the Night of Museums. Around 40 museums of the city open their doors to entertain their visitors with various events, such as dance performances, live music, literary sessions, and much more.

Another very traditional event is Pool Night, where you can enjoy several of the largest thermal pools in Reykjavik at night, totally free! Besides swimming, there is music, lights, and various activities.

In this winter event, there are also other events such as light shows, parties, cultural activities, photographic exhibitions, and poetry readings. Enter here to know more.

Mountain Trout Ice Festival

Every January, more than a million people flock to the small town of Hwacheon, South Korea, to take part in the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival – the mountain trout ice festival.

As its name suggests, the festival revolves mostly around ice fishing. Upon arrival, you will be given a fishing pole, a plastic bag, and an entry pass. Then you will have to find one of the 14,000 holes and sit and wait for your trout to take the hook.

Besides fishing, many other activities make it one of the best winter festivals in the world. There is, for example, a fishing competition in which you will have to catch a fish with nothing but your hands; ice sculptures, ice skating, traditional games, sleigh rides, and delicious gastronomy. More info here.

Quebec Carnival

In late January and early February, the Quebec Winter Festival is one of the biggest winter festivals of all. It attracts thousands of visitors and offers all kinds of activities for the whole family.

The activities’ schedule is extensive, with several thousand events, but especially the evening parades, the Bonhomme Ice Palace, canoe races on the St. Lawrence River, culinary tastings, and snow baths.