One of the most anticipated events of the year in Sweden is approaching, the Kiruna Snow Festival 2021. A magical moment dedicated to creations made with snow, between sculptures and fun moments. So let’s find out all the details about the event.

Kiruna Snow Festival 2021

Sweden, a land of cold temperatures and magical snowy landscapes, celebrates a festival dedicated to snow and ice each year. A moment of fun and entertainment, dedicated to young and old, organized in a fairytale location.

Games, activities, nature, and ice sculptures make the location enchanted, giving visitors an unforgettable moment. It is an ideal place to admire the magic of the Northern Lights that illuminate the sky during the winter nights.

The event celebrates the slow return to the light in the city of Kiruna with snow games, ski races, snowboard stunts, ice sculpture competitions, and dog sled tours.

A moment of lightheartedness and joy set all the participants in motion, who forget the cold running here and there among the various attractions.

A festival that has now become a tradition. In fact, this winter festival has been held during the last weekend of January in the Kiruna city center since 1986.

Dates and events

Among the most anticipated events, we find the Kiruna International Snow Sculpture Competition. It is a world-class competition that attracts the best artists from all over the world. The competition has had an international status as a snow sculpture competition since 1991. Every year, artists from all over the world visit the festival to participate in the competition.

The Kiruna Snow Festival is also the home of the Snow Blower World Championships. A serious winter sport or just some kind of city competition – in any case, it’s a delightful pastime for both competitors and spectators.

This year, the Kiruna Snow Festival 2021 runs from January 18 to 23. Always, it will be packed with activities for all ages. During the Snow Festival, you will be able to participate in the rich culture that Kiruna has to offer, from snow sculptures to painting exhibitions to children’s playgrounds drawn by snow. The festive atmosphere is felt throughout the city.

However, this thirty-sixth edition will certainly be affected by the health emergency, making changes to the classic editions. In fact, it will be a safe event, between social distancing and masks, to guarantee maximum safety for everyone, in compliance with the anti-contagion regulations in force.

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